Do you like to ask questions? Then our FAQ is for you!


1. How to order flowers?

Go to our website, have a look at the great variety of bouquets, choose the right one and place an order! The ordering process is so simple that even children can do it, we have tested it on ours* :)


2. I like the bouquet on the website, which costs 3 000 RSD. Can I order a same style bouquet, but for 7 000 rsd?

Of course you can! Please use the "Surprise Bouquet", write the name of bouquet, choose the amount of money and place your order. 


3. How fast is your flowers delivery?

Speed limit in Belgrade is 80km/h. At the same time, there are areas limited to 30km/h, which strongly restricts our ability to deliver fast, as we respect the law. Therefore, for bouquets ordered before 2 pm, we guarantee the delivery on the same day. If you place an order later, the delivery will be on the next day. Dear friends, please keep in mind that we have ready-made bouquets in our Shop, which are ready for delivery!


4. I’ve ordered flowers as a gift. How do I know that the order has been delivered?

When our bouquet fall into the caring hands of a new owner, we will inform you by e-mail.


5. Do you call the recipient before you deliver the flowers?

There is nothing better than a surprise effect! But if you are worried about the health of the recipient, we can call in advance and agree the delivery time. If you want to intrigue your recipient, we can keep your name a secret.


6. Is what I see on the website, what I actually get?

We do our best to make a bouquet the same as on our website photo. However, some flowers grow only a few months per year inspite of our requests. Also, some flowers fall ill during their trip towards us, and we send them back to the Netherlands for treatment. Therefore our florists have to replace the flowers with another ones, that match the original by style and color.


7. Can you guarantee the security of card payments?

If you want to pay by your Visa or Mastercard in our workshop, the payment security is guaranteed by Raiffeissen banka A.D. Beograd.

8. What about privacy?

We are not gonna tell anybody**.

9. Return & Refund Policy


9. Cookie Privacy Policy




* no child was injured while testing

**Any information you provide (name, address, telephone, e-mail) will be kept strictly confidential. Credit card details are not kept on our server. Processing is done on the safe high-tech server of the processing company.