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25x35cm The Calathea, also known as the "prayer plant" or "living plant," is a stunning tropical plant that thrives in pots, bringing an exotic touch to any indoor space. With its striking foliage featuring intricate patterns and vibrant colors, the Calathea is a true showstopper that adds visual interest and flair to your home or office. This graceful plant is beloved not only for its beauty but also for its unique habit of folding its leaves upward at night, resembling hands in prayer—a phenomenon that gives rise to its charming nickname, the "prayer plant." The Calathea is relatively easy to care for, requiring indirect sunlight, regular watering, and high humidity to thrive. With proper care, it will reward you with lush, healthy foliage that brightens up any room. Whether used as a decorative accent or as a focal point in a room, the Calathea in a pot is sure to captivate with its stunning appearance and fascinating behavior, making it a must-have for any plant enthusiast.


2.650 RSDPrice
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