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Pre-order only. We accept pre-orders for December till 10.12. Delivery after 25.12!


Limited quantities can be made.


Luxurious hand made Christmas Wreaths to adorn your home. We can send Christmas Wreaths as gifts to your friends, family or colleagues anywhere in Belgrade. All our wreaths are made from blue Danish long - lasting Christmas tree and mainly glass NY decor.


Wreath dimensions without gift pack: D ~ 45cm.


Color combinations:

1 - Moulin Rouge (Classic Red & Gold), photos 1-2,

2 - Perfect Pastel (Pastel colors), photos 3-4,

3 - Eco-friendly (no plastic or glass decoration elements) - photo 5.


Please be advised that some decorations may vary.

Christmas Wreaths, 3 color combinations!

7.000 RSDPrice