Biedermeir / Bidermajer

Choosing your wedding bouquet is a very collaborative process, so it's important to find a florist designer you trust who can guide you through all the details and options. That's where comes in.

Our floral designer do much more than just supply the bouquet! Also, you can create a list of the kinds of flowers you like, and have some examples (pictures from magazines, the web, etc.) of the kind of bouquets and arrangements that appeal to you.

Another must: Don't design the wedding bouquet until you've ordered your wedding dress. Biedermeier should be in harmony with the dress and personality of the bride. Our florist is professionally prepared to create the desired flower composition of bridal bouquet and recommend the appropriate flowers that will make the bride's bouquet feminine and sophisticated.

We are ready to discuss with you all the details in our office.


Unfortunately, we do not undertake wedding decoration, only biedermajers and some flower details for wedding couple, like flowers for hair, hand bracelets and boutonniere. 

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Some of our biedermeier flower arrangements: bidermajer beograd